Designing Eternal to facilitate the dopest work

Eternal is an identity company. We believe that the current social networks are broken. We believe that we can build a better one.

We enjoy thinking deeply about what it means to hangout online, what interaction can look like in these digital spaces, and how we can craft meaningful experiences that are both playful and expressive.

It always comes back to culture. Embracing and refining our own, while reflecting what we dig.



This Role

We are looking for highly motivated and creative individuals to join us in our mission to transform how we can facilitate space more freely online.

We believe that online spaces can be incredibly playful and expressive within this new social medium. And that we can meet users where they already are — on their phones.

Eternal has a highly experimental style. We build beautiful product, and we aren’t afraid to scrap things that aren’t working to reach something insanely great.

This role will be working directly with our lead developer, ensuring maximum performance on mobile devices, optimizing assets and integrating them into our production, customization, and animation pipelines.